The Dance.
This painting shows a pair of dancers.
It was featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine. It won 1st place Award at San Diego County Fair 2017.


Original sold.

Original sold.

Hidden pictures:
It shows a Chinese merchant, a pirate and a phaeroe. There is a clown whispering in his ear, a redheaded lady on the right. There is a cowboy hidden in her blouse and her hair is also the house of a snail. There is also a hidden tulip, fleur de lys and bird.

Original sold.

The Great Inventor.
A tribute to Nikola Tesla.
Las Vegas.
Las Vegas attractions shown in the face of a man.
Hidden pictures: a dancer, a champagne glass, a golf course, a diamond and a heart, a martini glass and spot lights on the city for the nightlife. A poker chip in the ear with a snake wrapped around it for the dangers of gambling and a shark for Bugsy.
A contemporary portrait of a woman.
The painting was featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine.
White Horse.
This painting is only painted with a palette knife, no brushes.
It won the people's choice award at Del Mar Fair/San Diego county Fair 2014.

Original sold.

Original sold.

Modern - with hidden pictures

Sun Kissed.

This is a portrait of a woman sitting in the sun.

There is a  hidden pictures of a lady sitting under a tree.

‚ÄčThis was featured in the French Magazine: Pratique des Arts.

Backstage - Beauties sharing secrets.
Featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine.
Albert Tribute.
A tribute to a genius I admire.

Original sold.

Pandora's Escape                                           
A bold monochromatic painting inspired by the story of Pandora's box.
Blue Grace.                
A contemporary portrait of a model sitting in front of a fireplace.
The painting was featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine and the French Magazine: Pratique des Arts.
It got an Honorable mention at San Diego County Fair 2017. 
Wild Horse.
Hidden pictures: a fox hunting a sleeping duck in the mane.
Poseidon is riding a hammerhead shark. Hidden pictures: a penguin on his hip and a squid on his thigh. Australia is hidden on the crab and a tiny heart in beard.
Self Reflection - of a Dancer.
This painting shows a dancer reflecting on her dance performance. It got an Honorable Mention Award at the San Diego County Fair 2018
This painting shows a lady sitting in solace, painted in soft toned neutrals.
Inspired by the village Manarola in Italy. There is a man's face hidden in the cliff and 3 ladies in the water.
Life of Roy.
This painting was made for a plastic surgeon. He is wearing his scrubbs. The lady on the right is for the beauty he gives and the hidden baby is for the youth that he gives. The hidden bird is for his love of flying.

Original sold.

Boudoir Woman
This painting was inspired by vintage boudoir photos of the late 1800s early 1900s, hence the colors, painted in several layers of soft toned neutrals.

Original sold.


Portrait of a Danish girl.
Featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine.


Glow of Beauty.
This painting is a celebration of the beauty of ladies in the sun, a
celebration of twins. Their curls are also birds and clouds, their capes
are also lawns, their ears are also trees.

Remembering - a touch, a smell....             
A contemporary portrait of a woman.
The painting was featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine.
Tree of Life.
This painting is inspired by Red Rocks outside Las Vegas; It shows the desert
and the mountains. There is a hidden lady laying in the desert with a tree
growing out of her belly button symbolizing life.

A colorful and edgy portrait of a woman's face.
A portrait of a beautiful lady with a hour glass figure.
Featured in the Acrylic Artist Magazine and the French magazine:
Pratique des Arts.
This painting is made entirely with a palette knife, no brushes.
Arabian Horse.
Hidden picture: girl in the mane.


All of the paintings below are one of a kind original paintings.

I now offer select gicles of my paintings on canvas, metal, acrylic and paper, you can find these under the "Products" button.

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A portrait of H. C. Andersen.
Lord of the manor.     
This is a funny painting of a beaver on top of a buck, both dressed like gentlemen. Hidden pictures: a man in a fur coat and hat, a lady in a gown and a faun.
This painting is inspired by the beaches in the Northen Denmark,
especially Rubjerg Knude.